KSHMR Teases A New Album For 2021

Looks like KSHMR will have a strong 2021 start. KSHMR teases a new album for 2021 with an Instagram post. The famous dance producer and head of the Dharma Worldwide label seems to have a new project cooking.

KSHMR totally erased the posts on his Instagram account today and left only six of them all of them related to the upcoming project. The teaser’s details remain a mystery as the only thing showing is a cryptic message. There is more to it as one of the posts contains an audio preview. KSHMR comes back to the center stage while making fans rejoice. KSHMR‘s signature sounds are present throughout the whole thing while the vocals mesmerize the ambiance around the electro house sounds KSHMR‘s always produced. The heavily Indian-fueled beats will satisfy even the most hardcore fan while really delivering something fresh. You can hear this preview with which KSHMR teases a new album for 2021 below.

The California native obtained the number 12 spot in this year’s DJ Mag’s top 100 even though he only started appearing in 2015. The message also contains a teased released date of January 15 2021 and we can’t wait any longer. The post with the date includes also a countdown which you can see here. Be on the lookout as KSHMR teases a new album for 2021. If you are really impatient and can’t wait for a second longer then you can listen to more KSHMR material below.