Illegal Events Explode Across UK Before New Lockdown

England partook in multiple illegal raves for Halloween weekend, prior to their upcoming lockdown. Their second wave of COVID-19 is about to hit, and prime minister Boris Johnson is seeing to its prevention.

The first rave took place near Bristol, at a warehouse in Yate. Approximately 700 attended, to which police broke up the violence around 10:30 PM on Saturday night. Attendees actually threw lit spray cans and bottles at the officers in retaliation. Police found a number of vehicles and several hundreds of people at the closed off-site. It seems people flocked from every direction for this auspicious event.

Secondly, officers arrested eight people, including a thirty-something-year-old man rumored to be the event organizer. They seized his musical equipment as well.

Avon and Somerset Police tweeted on November 1st:

Thirdly, with a large number of people in a confined space assaulting officers, these illegal predicaments become a challenging operation. Despite people being fully aware of the ongoing risk to public health, these events still took place in secret.

“Their actions were wholly irresponsible and I am sure will disgust the overwhelming majority of people who are making huge sacrifices to limit the spread of the virus. Our investigations team will…[review] officers’ body-worn footage and other inquiries as we seek to take appropriate action against those responsible.” – Chief Inspector Mark Runacres

But Wait…There’s More

The second rave took place on a Chesire farm, near Wigan. Police raided the event at 8:45 PM on Saturday after the property owner notified them. Attendees slashed seven police vehicle tires in retaliation, as indicated with a machete found in the bushes. Authorities also arrested a 26-year-old man for suspicion of not providing personal details for a fixed penalty notice. They arrested a 36-year-old man for possession of Class A drugs as well.

A third rave took place in London at the disused Hampstead police station (how bold), where 800 people attended. But that’s not all. Two people were hospitalized at a rave in Essex. Another man from a rave at the Brantano warehouse in Poole also went to the hospital. The Metropolitan Police reported 10 more unlicensed music events thereafter on Hallow’s Eve night.

So, Now What?

It’s unfortunate that these illegal events keep happening during this crucial time. This is a time where health and safety are of utmost importance for the world. Events like this pose unacceptable and blatant disregard for the UK’s COVID-19 restrictions and the safety of others.

Authorities put a swift end to these events and ensured a safe and orderly exit. Comprehensive investigations will be brought upon the organizers. The lockdown commences on Thursday, November 5th, and will last until at least Wednesday, December 2nd to combat rising COVID-19 infections.

Relief efforts have been sent out for venues during this difficult time. We can only hope that we keep it together until this all goes away.