David Guetta And Morten Deliver New Track ‘Save My Life’

David Guetta takes no breaks. The most recent proclaimed #1 DJ in the world did not wait a single week before getting into it full force. Today, David Guetta released the next chapter on his Future Rave sound. Featuring his partner through this journey, MORTEN, Guetta’s latest track is nothing but pure fire. The French DJ continues his path on to design the new sound of the future, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll find ourselves listening to a new generation of DJs all producing the ‘Future Rave Sound’. Guetta and MORTEN’s new track is titled ‘Save My Life’ and was released through Tiësto’s label, Musical Freedom.

David Guetta

About this new track, David Guetta declared:

“Tiësto is one of the very first DJs who supported me with the Future Rave sound. When I played a Future Rave track for the first time at AMF last year, Tijs immediately came to me to ask me about it and he was very enthusiastic, I’ll never forget it. So being able to release ‘Save My Life’ on Musical Freedom is an honor for me.” – David Guetta

MORTEN, Guetta’s collaborator on this new track declared:

“We recorded “Save My Life” in the beginning of 2020 and of all the records we did together, this one is properly the one I’m most excited to play out live for the fans..This Is Future Rave in its full effect!” MORTEN

Save My Life

So, yeah, pretty big record all around for this new duo. Norwegian singer Lovespeake delivers an amazing set of vocals and the track is up and ready to go. I can’t deny I like this style more and more. With each track, Future Rave grows inside me. Many say it sounds like big room, but it’s just something different. This is the type of aggressive, progressive house that took Swedish House Mafia to the top. It’s crafted in such an anthem-like way it’s impossible not to imagine what it sounds like when played live. You may not love it right now. However, there’s no denying one thing. This is certainly something new. We’ll be watching Future Rave closely.

Stream David Guetta and MORTEN’s new track – ‘Save My Life’ featuring Lovespeake out now below!