Bandcamp Launches Ticketed Livestreaming with Virtual Merch Tables

2021 is just around the corner and with the new year, we’re hoping life will come back to some form of normality. For many of us, it has been months since attending a live music event. Virtual events and streams have grown in popularity, allowing people to watch safely at home. In fact, Bandcamp has launched a new streaming service that will be great for fans and even help out artists financially.

Bandcamp Live will allow artists to create and host ticketed streams all on the platform. With many artists unable to tour due to COVID-19, this option will make it possible for them to make some money. Tickets can be set to specific prices, all dependent on the artists’ preferences. Believe it or not, artists can even set up a virtual merchandise table!

Those watching the stream will be able to chat with one another during the show. It’s fairly similar to YouTube’s streaming setup, but hopefully without the chat spammers. In all, this streaming option could be very useful during our current times but may not survive once live events resume. Also important to note, Bandcamp has stated that while the service is free, after March 31st, 2021, they will begin to take a 10% cut from each sale.

Currently, Bandcamp Live has a limited release available to artists. After more testing and tweaks, it should be open to more artists interested in the platform.

You can read more about Bandcamp Live here!