Does anyone have the AirPods Pro? Well, Apple just admitted to their audio issues with the product. Now, they’re introducing a new service program to troubleshoot things.

Don’t worry, your personal Genius Bar is coming to your auditory rescue. Only a small number of Pro units have audio issues, though the ones in question are the ones manufactured prior to October 2020. Complaints include static, crackling, and noise cancellation issues in loud environments or loss of bass after the firmware updates. Anyone else experiencing the same symptoms?

For their cost, noise cancellation effectiveness is crucial and key selling point. The firmware update issue was reported back in January. Apple seamlessly updates your AirPods software, with no warning. So, how will you get the most bang for your buck?

Firstly, check that your connected iOS is up to date. If not, update your system to the latest version and see if that works. Secondly, isolate your auditory interference source. This means trying out different audio apps and seeing where the issue lies. Is it loud environments, exercising outside, talking on the phone, etc. that cause problems? Is your Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) failing? Contact Apple Support if your issues are worse than normal functions.

Lastly, accessing the service program is simple if you need it. Take your Pro units to service; check out their article here. The Pods will be examined prior to any service before deeming their eligibility for the program. Either the left, right, or both Pods can be replaced free of charge. The cases, however, will be not replaced.

With Apple being notorious for not acknowledging a technical problem, this announcement comes about a year after the product release. What’s more, is Bose and Sony also reported firmware issues with their updates. Hopefully, these units stay under the year warranty that was bought with them.

You can join the Reddit conversation here for some research.