Vicetone Return To Monstercat on ‘Shadow’ Featuring Allie X

Dutch duo Vicetone make their way back onto Monstercat by releasing ‘Shadow‘ which features Allie X. Although the producers are commonly known for their polished sound, they took the chance here to deliver a darker tone. As an added bonus, it came just in time for Halloween too.

Nonetheless, it still hones in on some of their more polished individual sounds, but the added grit provides an alternative flare to what we might be used to hearing.

Allie X on the record:

This is a song about listening to a side of yourself that is often thought of as a burden or an embarrassment. I have been fascinated with Jung’s shadow self, for some time now, long before BTS made it popular, ha. I relate to the idea of letting the darker side of your consciousness have its freedom and voice.”

‘Shadow’ kicks off with light and tinged synth which Allie’s vocals converge with. From that point, the added riser and production layers drive it into a catchy tune with wavy plucks and pads, providing a vibrant rhythm. Moreover, the production takes a heavily melodic and ardent tone following the second chorus in the track. The decadent tone delivered by Allie also emphasizes the haunting tone of ‘Shadow’, accentuating the mood when working with the synth melodies.

Finally, listen to Vicetone mark their return onto Monstercat through ‘Shadow’ featuring Allie X below!