Tomorrowland Winter 2021 is Called Off

Sad as it is to say, we’re in part 4 of COVID-related cancelations. First was festival season 2020, then came the rescheduled Fall festivals, third was Halloween and NYE events, and part 4 is Spring 2021 festivals. It probably surprises nobody to learn that Tomorrowland Winter won’t be returning in 2021.

As you know Tomorrowland Winter 2020 was the first festival canceled due to COVID. Today the festival posted an important update on its website.

Tomorrowland Winter 2021 can’t happen because there is simply too much uncertainty at the moment. A large scale music festival must be full steam ahead planning by now. There are contracts to sign, permits to obtain, artists to book, stages to design, and more. The work needs to begin now, and there is no guarantee that the government would be comfortable allowing it to happen in France in March. Sadly, the result is no Tomorrowland Winter 2021. What’s even worse is that the festival only launched in 2019, and now may never get back on its feet again.

For Tomorrowland Winter 2020 ticket holders hoping to return in 2021, the refund options give pause. Option 1 is to obtain and refund and Option 2 is to spend the voucher on other travel and obtain a special opportunity to buy Belgium 2021 tickets. Notably, there is no mention at all of Tomorrowland Winter returning in 2022. You can get all of the pertinent info here.

Now all eyes return to Ultra Music Festival, which was the 2nd festival to fall due to COVID. Tomorrowland Winter occurs only a few weeks before Ultra, so Ultra’s decision deadline is only a few weeks from now.