Spotify Announces Weekly Album Charts with Spotifycharts

We all love Spotify for their ability to personalize and curate individual listener experience. But now, they’re getting innovative and taking on industry charts. The streaming platform just announced the debut of weekly industry chart updates, also known as Spotifycharts.

What Will Spotifycharts Consist Of?

The official announcement breaks Spotify charts down:

  • The Weekly Top 50 will celebrate the biggest albums and tracks in the world each week, Friday through Thursday, consisting of a U.S. Weekly Album ChartGlobal Weekly Album ChartU.S. Weekly Song Chart, and Global Weekly Song Chart published every Monday. 
  • The U.S. Top 10 Debuts and Global Top 10 Debuts lists capture the biggest new releases on Spotify Friday through Sunday. These lists incorporate data from the first 72 hours a song or album is live, giving an exciting early take on new music.

This is an exciting new development for Spotify. Moreover, Spotifycharts will allow listeners and platform users to access a whole new realm of information.

Spotify’s co-head of music, Jeremy Erlich, notes, “We are excited to launch our charts as a new way for us to take a moment and celebrate artist success —  both for individual tracks and for albums as whole — in the fastest and most accurate way ever.”

Charts will be updated every Monday on the @Spotifycharts Twitter. Additionally, you can scroll down for the most recent Spotifychart.