Spinnin’ Records Collabs with Tiësto For The World’s Biggest Demo Drop

It’s not everyday that one of the world’s leading dance labels holds a worldwide demo drop, but that day seems to be coming soon. It’s October 15th, to be exact, and the label in question is Spinnin’ Records. The upcoming ‘Worlds Biggest Demo Drop‘ is slated to take place across 16 hours. In addition to this, it will also allow participants to have their demos heard by a board of professional artists and industry experts.

While all of this may seem awesome, that’s not even the best part. This demo drop is being held in collaboration with the ‘Godfather Of EDM’, also known as Tiësto. You might’ve heard of the fellow.

Participants can expect to get live feedback from a panel of judges. In addition to this, they will get the opportunity to be featured in the ‘Worlds Biggest Demo Drop Apple Music DJ mix. This is set to feature the 15 best demos.

But wait, there’s more! The winning artist will win an official release on Spinnin’ Records. The runner-up will win a release on Tiësto’s very own imprint, Musical Freedom, which in itself is huge. If you’re interested in submitting a demo, check out the official infographic on how to do so, below.

If you’re interested in signing up, we recommend that you do, as time is running out. For more information, be sure to stop by the official Spinnin’ RecordsWorld’s Biggest Demo Drop’ website here. Demos can be submitted here.

Good luck – Tiësto awaits!