The Australian trio Rüfüs Du Sol presented us with the sixth episode of Rose Ave Radio with an excellent DJ set. As a result, we get a 1-hour journey that wraps us in their unique musical world.

Since the founding of their Rose Avenue Label, named after the Los Angeles house where they created Solace, the Australian group has taken the world by storm.

Rüfüs Du Sol Rose Avenue set

The trio recently launched Rose Ave Radio, a program on Sirius XM Chill radio station.

With all the lockdowns making it impossible to tour, it felt like the right time for us to commit to bringing you something new every month as part of a residency where we can have fun and showcase mixes from some of our favorite artists. For those of you who don’t have Sirius or are outside North America, we’ll be making the mixes available online next week ”.

In the 6th episode, they take control and cover a range of music that has been inspiring them as of late. Throughout, Rüfüs Du Sol showed an eclectic music selection while keeping the pacing in mind. As the mix goes on, the musical tempo, progression, and energy continuously shapeshift from one point to another, retaining a cohesive body.

As we continue to receive these mixes, we can’t wait for what’s yet to come! Lastly, you can listen to Rüfüs Du Sol’s DJ Set on Rose Ave Radio below.