Paris Shuts Down All Bars as COVID Cases Experience Significant Growth

The clubbing industry is in the bullseye of the majority of governments around the world. Today, the capital city of France, Paris, faces a new setback on its nightlife that forced the closing of all bars. This measure arrived after a sharp increase in coronavirus cases, mainly amongst people between the age of 20-30.

Effective immediately, bars in Paris will close. As always, nightclubs and nightlife, in general, are the target of government restrictions. The UK and Spain are also cracking down on the clubbing industry with many restrictions.

On the other hand, Parisian Restaurants in the city will maintain their activity. Although their services will be maintained, they must provide track & trace details. Moreover, all public places must offer hand sanitizer. The majority of the restrictions were imposed on gatherings and music in public spaces.

Paris Attacks Nightlife With New Measures

These restrictions went into plan according to the French government’s wish, that previously announced restrictions for Paris and 11 other cities. Cities will adhere to the new guidance, banning gatherings of over 1,000 people and introducing a 10PM curfew. While the measures start getting in place, the end of this stage remains to be unclear.

During the summer, illegal raves and questionable parties took place around Europe. Back in August, a 10,000-person rave in the French region of Lozère was locked down by authorities. The UK also experiences a great dose of them, and the authorities are currently fighting. The comeback of nightlife with its safety measures will have to wait for a while to arrive. Be responsible, keep the distances, and let’s make this come to an end.