Orca Sound Project Teams Up With Jamie Jones For Ibiza Campaign

Orca Sound Project is teaming up with Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus for a cleanup campaign. This will raise awareness of the world’s ocean plastic waste crisis. It also features a jewelry collaboration with Hannah Warner.

The DJs worked alongside Archie Hamilton, Scarlett Lapidus, singer Melanie Blatt, and many more. Designer Kyle De’Volle and models Clara Padget and Mary Charteris helped the project reach over 1 million views in two days.

The hW x Orca Sound Project jewelry will donate funds to their ongoing cleanup and upcycling activities. That includes the Balearic island of Ibiza, and the quest is on for preserving the earth’s oceans against their diminishing fate.

Let’s Look At Statistics

2019 showed that the island generated half a ton of waste per person. That is 14% higher than the rest of Europe. There is no localized plastic recycling facility and they only have five years left of landfill space. We know that the rest of trash gets dumped into the ocean and collects in a dirty whirlpool. 2020 saw 1.5 tons of plastic collected.

With amounts like this, the OSP can turn 100% of the collected plastic waste into building materials. What’s more, is that the plastic will be on display at the airport to increase awareness of the issue. Visitors can be more responsible for their actions and footprint when visiting.

Perhaps you may have seen the OSP activations at Glastonbury Festival, Ultra Music Festival, ADE, IMS Nike x Asos, or London Fashion Week. If not, you can learn more from their website here. You can also check out the exclusive Hannah Warner jewelry collection here.

“We are committed to supporting the preservation of Ibiza and inspiring ongoing conscious living and tourism on the island. We are proud to be collaborating with our good friend and design visionary Hannah Warner. Each piece is totally unique and represents our community’s desire to create positive change. This jewelry collection is a visual expression of our collaborative responsibility to live more consciously and protect our oceans”. – Jolyon Klean, founder of Orca Sound Project

Since Ibiza is having a difficult time with the pandemic shutting down its economy, this is a great way to give back. In addition, it also brings awareness to some important issues we often don’t think about.