Undoubtedly, Nicky Romero has been working hard during the quarantine. Livestreams, new music, and alias, including many hours in the studio are now paying off. Nicky Romero finally makes his debut on Universal Music Group thanks to his track ‘Nights With You’.

Nicky Romero is a veteran and one of the most hard-working talents in the scene. He spent a lot of time in the studio and is now releasing many quality tracks. On top of that, he delved into a new endeavor since he recently unveiled a new alias, Monocule.

Nicky Romero Nights With You

Nicky Romero’s Debut On UMG

It was about time but finally, Nicky Romero’s debut with Universal Music Group arrived. UMG is one of the biggest labels in the world and already holds artists such as Alesso, Marshmello, and Illenium on the roster. Nicky Romero fits right in with his ear for melodic and progressive house. His new track is memorable, but it is fair to say that ‘Nights With You’ is much more of a pop song. It’s a softer song with acoustic and strings blended in with a mellower electronic beat. It features warm vocals and is an interesting addition to his 2020 accomplishments

“Nights With You’ is a song I have loved from the very first moment I finished the demo. We went through many versions of this record, but when the acoustic strings came in, I knew instantly we had something special. Sometimes, to get the best results and bring out the magic, certain elements of a track need to be preserved as raw. Partnering with Universal on this release is also exciting news, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming edits and remixes we have planned for ‘Nights With You.’”

Nicky Romero

Make sure to give Nicky Romero’s new track which is out now on Universal/Protocol, ‘Nights With You’, a listen!