Eric Prydz Releases The Highly Anticipated ‘NOPUS’ With Live Music Video

Eric Prydz finally released some new music, and we couldn’t be happier. His newest song ‘NOPUS’, was initially debuted in 2016 at EDC Las Vegas, a whopping 4 years ago. It should be noted that ‘NOPUS’ is the first original track from Eric Prydz under this alias since his last release which was the highly-acclaimed 2016 album, Opus.

Eric Prydz On NOPUS

Eric Prydz tells Apple Music highly-anticipated release of “NOPUS,”

“I think, I mean, normally as a touring DJ, I would say I haven’t really been touring this year. I don’t think anyone has, but normally that’s what I do…”

He continues:

“… I make music all the time to keep sane when I’m on tour, and you get inspiration from having good shows. You go back on the tour bus or whatever. You want to make even more tracks and then you try them out the next day and stuff like that…”

On where the name ‘Nopus’ came from:

The thing with “Nopus” was that, it’s kind of a weird name, I’ll explain to you why in a bit. In 2015, I made a track called “Opus” and I played… But I premiered that track for… I actually made it to play as the last track of my set at EDC, Las Vegas, the big festival in Las Vegas, and then obviously the track became a huge success, and the next year people were talking about,

“Oh, I wonder what new track he’s going to play last in his EDC set this year.” Which kind of made me feel like, “Ooh, I kind of… I need to pull out something special here.” So I started working on this track, and then for some reason after I played it, people started calling it “Nopus” online, and the name kind of stuck because whenever we send files together to each other for the thing, we always call them “Nopus” because we didn’t really have a name for the track. Just one of those, one of those things.

Eric Prydz

Funny. It’s awesome to see firsthand just how an artist’s fanbase can actually influence the artist. It’s known that Prydz has some of the dance world’s most devout followers, so it only makes sense he keeps their input in mind.

If you’ve yet to give ‘NOPUS a listen, what are you waiting for? In true Eric Prydz fashion, there’s a radio edit running three minutes and twenty seconds, as well as an extended version at seven-minutes & 22 seconds. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but for those of you who are new here, listen to the extended version first. You can thank me later.

Eric Prydz’ newest track ‘NOPUS’ is out now on Ministry of Sound, and can be streamed below. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the official music video as well. If you’ve ever been to an Eric Prydz HOLO show, I think you’re gonna love it. Enjoy.

Eric Prydz – NOPUS | STREAM

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