Ekali’s Ex-Fiance Tells Her Story

*photo credit: Adam Dillon

Trigger Warning: this article has detailed accounts of physical and emotional abuse, as well as discussion of self-harm.

First and foremost, we want to say that we whole-heartedly stand with Sam Black, and commend her for speaking out. It takes a very brave person to tell their story, especially when it relates to physical and emotional abuse.

In a shocking post on Twitter, Sam detailed the toxic behavior of her former fiancé, Ekali (Nathan Shaw). This is nothing short of horrific. In addition to detailed accounts of physical abuse, there are a plethora of people coming forward with comprehensive stories about his cheating.

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The DMs speak for themselves. See below.

Additionally, Ekali has been DMing fans, asking them to take his side.

On Facebook, former Ekali fans are already selling their merchandise.

On a positive note, it has been heartwarming to see other artists and fans stand up for Sam. There should be no tolerance whatsoever for the type of behavior that Ekali has exhibited.

Cray said it best: “We do not support abusers. Period.”

Moments ago, Ekali came out with a statement. You can read it here, if you so wish.

I feel sick writing this article. I cannot even imagine how Sam feels.

Sam: you are not alone. Thank you for your courage. We love and respect you so much.

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