Diplo Raising Eyebrows Over Relationship With Teen Tik Tok Star

Diplo’s in the news but this time it’s not for music. Tik Tok users noticed over the weekend that one of the app’s most popular stars, Quelin Blackwell, mentioned that she is living with the 41-year-old producer and even showed him in her videos. He was seen standing in another room in sweatpants and a shirt and smiled when he noticed the camera was on him. She then asked him, “why do I live with you?” He replied, “I have no other friends. It’s the truth.”

She then posted other videos of the two of them. In one, she giggles and says:

Since y’all care so much about me living with Diplo, I just started a series called living with Diplo’.”

The videos that have been added to this series include seeing the Peloton he has in her bedroom, how he struggles to tie his shoelaces, and some behind-the-scenes at a music video shoot.

“he’s doing a live stream concert so i’m being a supportive child and bringing him cheezits,” she captioned one.

Word has spread about the videos and many are suspicious about the arrangement. Diplo, who is 41 years old, has three sons — Lockett, 10, Lazer, 6 — with ex-girlfriend Kathryn Lockhart and a 7 month old named Pace with model Jevon King. Blackwell also has posted about her boyfriend, Parker.

But Monday, October 26th, both Quenlin and Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley, both took to social media to explain. According to the producer, he is renting out one of his LA properties to the Tik Tok star.

She also chimed in with her side:

The public’s concerned opinions are coming in but we just hope we hear this music soon!