2020 does it again. Once again it’s taken a legend away from us. Tony Cook, a.k.a Cookie Monsta has left us. Aged 31, the famed dubstep artist passed away just a few hours ago.

Very sad news indeed. The tragic passing was confirmed by Cook’s longtime label Circus Records. You can read the labels full communicate regarding the tragic passing below.

Cookie Monsta. Dubstep Legend

Reactions from DJs and fans are already pouring in. Tony Cook was, is, and will forever be a legend inside dubstep music. At the time of this article’s publishing, Cookie Monsta’s cause of death has not yet been publicly revealed.

2020 continues being a bad year for dance music all around. We’ve lost important figures, events and have been hurt in more ways than we could’ve imagined. Now, with Cookie Monsta’s passing, a huge whole is left inside the bass industry, one of the friendliest, joyfullest and most loving industries inside the genre.

Cookie Monsta might’ve been an old school figure. However, his music inspired thousands. He certainly changed bass music forever. It is safe to say that he was, undoubtedly, one of the biggest figures inside the industry of bass music.

As a fan. I am incredibly heartbroken. As part of the EDM community, I pay my respects to one of the biggest figures inside one of the biggest genres. Here at EDMTunes, we’ll continue informing anything regarding Cookie Monsta’s tragic passing. Stay together bass fans, we’ll always remember Tony and it is through us and through our love for his music that his legacy will forever live on.

Our prayers go out to Tony’s family and friends. Here at EDMTunes, we send all our love specially to Olly Cook, “Mini Monsta”, Tony’s son. Thank you for all your dad did.

Goodbye, Cookie Monsta. Until we meet again.

Cookie Monsta