Camelphat Records Essential Mix in Empty Printworks To Showcase Struggling Clubs

Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala of Camelphat have done something special for the music industry. The “Cola” producers came together for one hell of a performance at London’s famous venue, Printworks.

Even though a tiny amount of venues in the US that are operating at very limited capacities and those around the world that are cautiously running, it isn’t stopping those who are trying to help out struggling venues. #SaveOurStages has been the most common and accessible way to assist in hearing your voice heard on the matter.

Camelphat’s performance at a completely empty and one of the most widely-known venues in the world showcases the matter in an even more impactful, and eerily, way. It’s absolutely astonishing that the venue during their performance looks drained and exhausted. The duo’s performance showcases that fans, promotional companies, management, those involved with lighting and stage production, and vendors, concessions, and more brings these things to life. Without all that, these venue’s don’t have much life. We, each individually and as a whole, bring these performances to life. Camelphat has chosen an exceptional way to showcase that.

Sadly, the performance is only available to stream for those who are in the UK. But, in the mean time, here’s a taste for the rest of us! Wear a mask!