Apple Says New AirPods 3 Models Are Coming Soon

Apple plans to launch two new models of AirPods next year. The two models will continue off the AirPods and AirPods Pro. We may see both items as soon as the first half of 2021.

In attempts to boost their wearables business, we’re getting upgrades. Not only do they aim to boost their Wearables, but they also aim to boost their Home and Accessories side as well. They reported $6.45 billion in revenue last quarter, including the Pods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and all their accessories.

We just can’t seem to break out of the ecosystem, can we? It’s seamless, it’s easy, who wouldn’t want it? Rumors tell us Apple is also working on AirPods Studio, over-ear, high-end headphones. Though, design issues are delaying production. However, as a bonus, reports mention a new HomePod, which bridges the gap between the HomePod and HomePod mini.

Wireless headphones have made daily activities much easier to maintain. Getting caught on things and yanking your headphones out mid-song can get tiresome. We all laughed at the initial AirPods flinging out of your ear capability. However, enhanced with cute cases and fluid connectivity, the wearables game is changing.

The new regular Pods may look similar to the current Pro model. They include a shorter stemmed look and replacement tips. While there is no noise cancellation, you will be getting a stronger battery life. That comes with the upgrade, of course. Meanwhile, we might be looking at a stem-less Pro version, that is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Buds. No report has been confirmed of these designs though.

It looks like the key takeaway for production is design. To keep the minimalist Apple aesthetic while upholding functional integrity and avoiding copyright infringement. Looks like we’ll have to wait. Interested? Follow for more updates on this as we continue to follow it.