Take a Peaceful Moment on Anjunadeep’s ‘Reflections vol. 1’

Anjunadeep Reflections Vol. 1 is finally released, which is a collection of downtempo and ambient electronica from label stars. It features the talents of artists such as Lane 8, Yotto, Qrion, Nox Vahn, and many more.

In recent years, Anjunadeep has not failed to deliver for many of us who appreciate deeper sounds. In this instance, they bring us an ambient and more peaceful compilation through Reflections Vol. 1. Anjunadeep boss James Grant commented on the label’s progression into this destination.

“Electronica and chillout were what first got me into electronic music and so it’s a very natural evolution for Anjunadeep to be expanding further in that direction via this new series.”

Overall, this album features productions by some of the most forward-thinking artists who have been present on the label over the years.

Anjunadeep Reflections Vol.1
Photo: Anjunabeats

Stars on Anjunadeep Reflections Vol. 1

Reflections Vol. 1‘features an exclusive, piano-led piece from Yotto titled ‘Maggio, Lane 8’s ‘Apes & Children‘, and Qrion‘s ‘It’s All Over‘.This is in addition to label debuts from Kitput, PBSR, and Vár Sofandi. All these productions offer up moments of quiet and introspection for anyone who tunes in.

For people interested in the vinyl, it will include a bonus track by Hiatus titled ‘Distancer‘. Each artist who contributed to this stunning compilation looked to explore their capabilities.

In summary, people started to look more toward the diversification of genres within electronic music. This compilation album can serve as a great starting point to highlight something new from the label while remaining true to a formative essence. You definitely can’t miss out on hearing this one!

You can listen to Anjunadeep’s ‘Reflections Vol. 1‘ below.