ZHU Unveils Some ‘Risky Business’

If you thought last weekend was hot, check out ZHU’s newest single titled ‘Risky Business‘. Astralwerks is presenting this mesmerizing and ominous track, riddled with underlying tension.

You can hear ZHU’s whispered vocals lure you while listening. The driving bassline and echoing horns blare alongside the melody. That sexy saxophone plays while electronic keyboard synths continue the melody. He’s sticking with his dark, enticing world of the unknown. This darker sound he portrays is very exciting. The track makes you feel languid and propulsive, but just wait until you see the official music video to go with this.

A Little More About The Track

The song is meant to make you feel provocative as the video also portrays. Through spotty surveillance footage, you witness various provocative activities of unknown subjects. The subjects come and go, each scenario making you think. A fade to black and flip to black and white film, and you get a team of hazmat suits cleaning up. A crime scene or a playground of mystery, you decide.

Risky Business Cover Art by Joey Vitalari

Pay attention to the final frames as the Mind of a Genius artist makes an appearance. He directed the video himself and it makes the song that much more appealing. What’s more is an accompanying merchandise collection, inspired by the video. You can check out the offerings here, though most is already sold out.

Steven is constantly breaking the barriers to his career as a music producer. He recently collaborated with Kito, Tinashe, partywithray, and Bob Moses. He even conquered 2020 and is filling playlists worldwide. His catchy percussion, striking piano chords, and sultry vocals always make us hit play. The cinematics he brings alongside his world-building of music showcase just how much clout he has. From a passion for music to an interest in fashion, ZHU is doing it all. While shedding light on the more daring corners of the electronic music world, experience his artistry.

Risk it all with this new track and listen below.

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