Xbox Series Pricing & Launch Dates Announced

Microsoft has officially announced via their Facebook page the pricing and launch date for their long-awaited, much anticipated next-gen consoles. Yes, consoles.

Not only have they announced the Series X pricing and launch, but also introduced the Series S as well. The Series S is the slimmer more compact version of the X and is $200 cheaper. Which is fantastic for those wanting the next-gen experience at practical pricing.

“Empowering you with freedom and choice is core to everything we do at Xbox. In addition to the traditional option of purchasing the new generation of Xbox Series X and S at $499 (Estimated Retail Price) and $299 (Estimated Retail Price) respectively, we’re expanding our Xbox All Access program to 12 countries this holiday, with more to come in 2021.”

In addition to these options, Xbox announced monthly financing for both consoles. Basically, it’s a monthly payment program that allows you to have the console fully paid by the end of its duration. Opting for that would be a great option for many people who otherwise might not have been able to pay the price in one go.

“The Xbox Series S will be available starting from $24.99 a month for 24 months and Xbox Series X will be available starting from $34.99 a month for 24 months.”

The consoles will be available for pre-sale September 22nd and officially launch on November 10th.