UK Government Warns: ‘It’s Hard To See How Nightclubs Will Open’

The near future of the nightclub industry keeps being an incognita. Now, a government minister from the UK stated that ‘it is hard to see how nightclubs will open’. Things are not looking promising for this Autumn-Winter season in the UK. Especially for the clubbing fans.

It is hard to see how nightclubs will open until we have some kind of long-term way to deal with coronavirus. That is for sure true.
-The Apprenticeships & Skills Minister and MP for Chichester

In order to deal with the continuous problems that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing in the country, the politic made a non-very optimist appearance on Sky News. The music industry is taking huge damage due to the current crisis. A few days ago, Calvin Harris shared a dose of criticism to the management of the situation by the UK government.

“It’s easy to see that nightclubs – which I’m sure we all enjoy going to – it’s difficult to see how you can have a nightclub operating with coronavirus. In any sort of enjoyable way. It’s difficult to see how you could go to a nightclub within the rule of six…how can you socially distance and have a good time in a nightclub? I think it is difficult to see how you could keep the coronavirus under control, indoors in those kinds of situations which is why they haven’t been opened yet.
-Gillian Keegan

According to recent data, the UK night-time industry is worth £66 billion a year. A nothing depreciable number that makes the industry deserve a more than a fair treat. The combination of nightclubs and live music venues moves a huge amount of money each year. However, the government barely includes clubs and the music industry in general in its plans for economic recovery.

The UK Government Does Not Have a Solution Yet

Gillian Keegan told Sky that workers in industries that aren’t able to function during the pandemic should simply find a new job. Definitely not the best way of dealing with the situation.

“Today we are introducing a new focus on adults which is just being able to offer people the chance to reskill, upskill, take different routes in life because they may need to. It is clear that some of those jobs may take a long time to come back because they don’t fit with the virus.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government would be ‘transforming the foundations of the skills system’. This transformation would take place so that everyone has the chance to train and retrain. Let’s hope that the UK government applies a better policy for the music industry workers.