In a world where many people must stay at home, home activities are gaining popularity. To find ways to provide more entertainment in this pandemic era, Spotify may be working on a karaoke feature for their app. That’s right, karaoke at home – so we encourage everyone to start practising your favourite tracks ahead of this new possibility.

This interesting leak arrived thanks to the tech guru, blogger and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. She has previously shared insights on features like video podcasts and virtual concerts before they were implemented. Now, Jane has moved forward into a Spotify investigation that discovered code suggesting a new in-app karaoke mode. Although it is not official yet, the new feature will let users turn vocals up or down to blend them with the music.

New Karaoke Features

This would definitely be a wonderful implementation for Spotify. There would be endless possibilities to enjoy and share some of the best tracks to sing with your friends. Although the feature is still in development, companies like Tencent Music Entertainment (TME)’s WeSing app already lets users enjoy a karaoke function. In addition, the Tencent app allows users to sing and duet with artists and friends. Users can also record and edit snippets of songs – something that would be really cool on the Spotify app.

Spotify karaoke

Twitch, one of the biggest livestream platforms in the scene right now, did not succeed with their karaoke feature. The idea was great and it had many fans, but unfortunately, the company announced that it’s shutting down the app. Unfortunately for any Twitch karaoke fans, Twitch Sings will be no longer available next year.

We will keep you updated about this possible Spotify karaoke feature if the things flourish. Get your singing voices ready – a fantastic batch of talented karaokee singers could be about to arrive.