Rinzen returns with a brand new solo EP titled ‘Resonate‘ and we see its release on Desert Hearts Black. It consists of two tracks, plus a remix by Clarian. All are dark and atmospheric, perfect for listening to on your days off.

Resonate‘ opens the EP and debuted at City Hearts Festival in 2019. Marbs and Evan Casey made this track their arsenal weapon in their career. It is atmospheric, and tech-fueled with bursts of Moog chords, and dark melodies. The haunting vocals come together in a fluid embrace as melodic house and techno unite into a masterpiece. It is a sinister track worth listening to.

Gotham‘ carries a heavier composition from the rest of the tracks, with higher energy. Follow the powerful kicks and roaring synth accents with your ears, while your mind wanders into the storm. Get lost in this ambient soundscape as the kick-snare and ambient white noise carry a shadowy overtone throughout the track. This is a sonic journey through the darker depths of house music.

Clarian takes on ‘Resonate’ with his remix and builds off the original. The distorted vocal tones and futuristic instrumentation make this rendition extra elevated. It casts a cavernous sound design and creates larger-than-life feels, a techno-centric dance floor hit. Just wait until we can hear this in a crowd of thousands. Late-night intimacy, here we come.

This follows his Beatport chart-topping album Torus, from last year, a collaboration with Mars and Evan Casey. Over the weekend, Rinzen debuted this on his live stream on Desert Hearts TV. In case you missed it, you can listen to it below.

Rinzen – Resonate EP | Buy/Stream