Pioneer Teases Release of New Equipment

Image courtesy of DJBooth Pro Audio

Pioneer has been at the forefront of music equipment for DJs and music professionals around the world. However, the quality of their products come at a higher price point that may deter customers of certain economic demographics.

Recently, they took to social media to hint the upcoming release of a new piece of equipment.

There have been speculations that it could be a DJM S9 Mk2 or DJM S10 to succeed their latest model. However, not everyone is excited for the new model. Since the DJM S9 had a price tag of $1499, it makes it difficult for hobbyists or smaller musicians to afford the gear. People critique that Pioneer is overpriced, and some even say that the quality and technology is mediocre.

All this is speculation and opinion, so hopefully Pioneer gives us more hints regarding the new release soon. The official release of the equipment will be in three weeks on October 15th, 2020.