Pendulum Will Stream Set From Victorian Military Fort

Fresh off of two new releases, drum ‘n’ bass band Pendulum have announced they will play a livestream set from a fort in the middle of the sea. The Australia group with new music out for the first time in a decade teased the livestream a few days ago on social media, telling fans to “tune into YouTube for something special…02.10.20.”

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Tune into YouTube for something special…02.10.20

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In the accompanying short video, the band appears on a 150-year-old Victorian military fort off England’s south coast, between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. Bassist Gareth McGrillen explained the idea behind playing a livestream in such an unprecedented place.

“I think the cuteness of the kitchen set for livestreams got old pretty quick. I think you can still be socially distant and grandiose at the same time,” McGrillen told Metro on Friday. “We’re going to show it is possible.”

Pendulum frontman Rob Swire added that the band had “a lot of plans this year,” starting with the new release, and then festivals. 

“But now nothing’s happening. Everyone go home!” Swire said. “It has been interesting to see it all come together. I think it took everyone a long time to find their feet.”

New Music

While the group hasn’t revealed many details on their livestream, it’s safe for fans to assume that they will play their two new tracks. Pendulum released their first two singles in a decade, ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free,’ earlier this month. ‘Driver’ has a driving baseline and punching vocals. Meanwhile, ‘Nothing For Free’ is thunderous too, but more melodic and intertwined with soulful vocals. Both are satisfying for DnB fans of Pendulum’s 2010 studio album Immersion.  

Though Pendulum took a hiatus from producing, the band has played several major festivals in recent years. They were set to do their Trinity show at Creamfields this year, before the festival was canceled due to Covid-19.

Watch Pendulum’s livestream on October 2 on their YouTube channel pendulumlive here.