Nora En Pure continues to deliver sensational melodic house singles, this time with ‘Wetlands‘. It is a delicate and ethereal track that is the gateway song to the new music season. We see its release on Enormous Tunes.

This track is produced with precision, as she combines her signature nature-inspired soundscapes with gentle opera vocals. It has a steady, four-count beat and is accompanied by piano, flute, harp, and string instrumentals. From the piano chords and flute riffs in the background, this is another great classical song to her repertoire.

The Queen of Deep House is known for her classical training and skillful production. She is the stalwart of her genre and we love her for it. Opera meets house music in this track and it’s this kind of uniqueness that makes her an amazing artist. You really feel like you’re roaming the wetlands when you listen to this.

We can always count on Nora to put us in a better mood. Her socials give us life as we watch her kayak with her dog or play piano. Not only do we live vicariously through her travels but we also live best with her music. She explores the darker realms of deep house music with intricate and enlightening melodies. Her natural sounds from her South African Swiss heritage make her the notable artist that she is.

This track follows her last two successful singles ‘In Your Eyes‘ and ‘All I Need‘. She continues with her powerful and soothing, yet melancholic tone. There is no better listening experience than with Nora. We can surely take on the rest of 2020 with her. Listen to the original and extended versions below.

Nora En Pure – Wetlands | Buy/Stream