NGHTMRE And Galantis Team Up For Surprise Track ‘Tu Tu Tu’

Yeah, you read that right. Galantis. NGHMTRE. Together. On a song. No, I’m not kidding. The Grammy-nominated duo team up with the bass music heavyweight for a brand new collab. Titled ‘Tu Tu Tu’, Galantis and NGHTMRE’s new track is here to surprise the EDM industry.

Galantis NGHTMRE

About their new collab, NGHTMRE declared:

“Galantis has been an inspiration to me for years. I’ve looked up to those guys since the Miike Snow and Style of Eye days. Writing “Tu Tu Tu” with them was a really special experience and something a little different for both of us!”


‘Tu Tu Tu’

Coming from opposite worlds inside the same universe, the new collaboration is not bad at all. Pretty good indeed, if you ask me. Featuring the vocal work of Liam O’Donnell, “Tu Tu Tu” boasts an undeniably catchy and unwavering beat. The track can ultimately be defined as a tropical-colorful one and is sure to top every single chart it breaks into. Once again, the heavyweights of EDM show us that they can handle multiple genres inside the EDM umbrella without sweating it.

Galantis continue setting dancefloors and radio stations on fire month after month. They have the formula to release track after track which completely embelishes the listeners all over the world, and have been doing so for years. NGHTMRE on the other side, continues delivering banger after banger. After delivering a banger teaming up with Boogie T and Subtronicz, he goes the opposite guy and joins forces with Galantis on this new banger. Personally, this is not the last time I want to hear anything from this trio. Props to all of them!

What about you? Did you like this unexpected collab? Do you want more? Or do you absolutely hate it?

Stream ‘Tu Tu Tu’, out now!