Mysteryland & Awakenings Parent Slashes 40% of Jobs

One of dance music’s most legendary event promoters is being forced to cut jobs due to the pandemic. ID&T, who was formerly associated with Tomorrowland and now produces events like Awakenings, Defqon1, Mysteryland, and Sensation, has been struggling during this time without events.

When the business of planning parties comes to a standstill, party planners can’t stay in business. Now the company is looking to slash 40% of its workforce.

These are very difficult and emotional times for the company and all employees. The impact of this crisis is unprecedented.

ID&T CEO Ritty van Straalen

Although ID&T has reached settlements with three of its four insurers, the losses are still too much. Since there is still no clear light at the end of the tunnel, the reorganization is necessary.

In fact, these cuts mean that even when things return it will take some time for ID&T to become fully operational again. As ID&T plans to go into hibernation, we hope it’s only for the Winter and we can party with them again soon.