Mad Zoo Events Announce Stacked Minecraft Event, Stratofest

Mad Zoo Events continue to partner up with MSI GAMING and Unitea alongside a newcomer, Cucumber Productions, to taking their upcoming Minecraft event to an entirely new level through Stratofest. They have already exceeded any expectations on their previous Minecraft events, notably HOSPITALITY IN THE VOID, and MAD ZOO IN THE VOID. It will be taking place on Friday and Saturday, October 23-24! You can expect a brand new skybound Minecraft realm, live VJ-controlled visuals, and interactive mini-games.

Mat Zo‘s label, Mad Zoo, aims to prove that they’re not limited to that capacity, bringing forth a significantly larger event to the table. Moreover, their previous lineup was star-studded, and yet they still managed to push things further by changing up the theme and atmosphere.

In this instance, their upcoming event will have a special guest, Above & Beyond! Furthermore, artists taking the stage include ATTLAS, Ferry Corsten, No Mana, Qrion, Ilan Bluestone, Tritonal, and more.

Mat Zo on Stratofest

“Pure luck brought our team together. Everyone’s unique skill sets and experiences have amounted to the dream team. We’re all perfectly suited for this, as artists, gamers, programmers and fans. It all feels like it was meant to be. After producing 3 successful Minecraft festivals, it feels really great to be able to go bigger than I ever dreamt for the 4th edition. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with such a skilled team, and with artists who I admire. Every event we put on is a step up from the last, but Stratosfest is by far the biggest step up we’ve taken so far. I can’t wait to share what we have in store for everyone.”

Mat Zo – Press Release

What to Expect

Building up their Minecraft events, Mad Zoo Events have continuously found ways to scale things up, providing a unique experience to fans.

First of all, part of what makes their events warm is the community that they have accumulated. Within the game, artists and fans alike are able to text through the chat, creating a distinctly personal atmosphere that is entirely unique to the setting. It’s a group of people coming together to share a passion, and in many ways, feels connecting.

In addition, the live visuals provide an interactive experience that takes into account each individual moment. For instance, characters may start floating upward during a build-up, or jump in unity to the rhythm of the tracks playing.

That’s not all, since you can head over to the game bar for drinks, or use your currency for the bartender’s shady double. In short, whatever you buy can change your experience within the game momentarily, and some cause a visual change too.

If you gain access to the campsite, you might be privy to virtual meet-and-greets with artists at the campsite. Take a look at Mad Zoo Events’ full Stratofest lineup below. You can purchase tickets through the link here!