Lastlings Announce Debut Album, ‘First Contact’

Lastlings finally announced the release date of their anticipated debut album which is titled First Contact. The Australian sibling duo’s body of work will be out on November 20 via Astralwerks and Rüfüs Du Sol‘s Rose Avenue Records. In addition, it will include their hit singles like ‘Deja Vu‘, ‘I’ve Got You‘, ‘Take My Hand‘, and ‘No Time‘.

First contact

In tandem, Lastlings released their album trailer which is a captivating cinematic work that they co-created with Dylan Duclos. It highlights the themes intended to across from their album, especially the moment of a first experience happening. It’s filmed in Japan and narrated in the language as well, with English subtitles to accompany. Overall, they’re definitely showcasing what they’re all about, from narrative to themes which shape their project and influences.

“First Contact is all the moments we experience for the first time, how special they are and how important they are in shaping us as people. It is about those beautiful moments when we feel love for the first time, a child taking its first steps or travelling to a new destination. It’s also about the somber moments in our life where we have lost something or someone for the first time and how we grow and change from these. We hope that this album sparks all the beautiful and important memories, feelings and emotions that you felt when you experienced something for the first time.”

Lastlings – press release

Finally, watch the album trailer that Lastlings used to announce their forthcoming album, First Contact, below.


  1. Deja Vu
  2. Take My Hand
  3. Out Of Touch
  4. False Reactions
  5. 9400
  6. Last Breath
  7. No Time
  8. Visions
  9. AI
  10. Held Under
  11. First Light
  12. I’ve Got You