Kygo Returns With New Version Of Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff’

New Kygo X The 80’s stuff! The new chapter in the Norwegian’s chapter takes its next step, and it’s definitely a big one. Today, Kygo, released yet another re-edit for a classic track. This time, it was Donna Summer’s turn. Kygo joins forces with Donna Summer and releases his own version of ‘Hot Stuff’.

Revival Disko Bersama Kygo & Donna Summer Dalam 'Hot Stuff' – Creative Disc

Kygo can do no wrong. Don’t @ me. The Norwegian musician is on a league of his when it comes to remixing and re-editing tracks. This time, he remixes another classical disco track. Unlike his other remixes, tropical house is not the predominant genre the DJ uses to deliver his own take on this track. Ever since remixing Whitney Houston’s ‘Higher Love’, Kygo has been steadily delivering a series of jaw-dropping remixes that celebrate the lives of some of his favorite artists of the genre which fathered EDM. Now, finally and after a long wait, Kygo has remixed who, for many, remains as the queen of disco music.

Hot Stuff

As previously said, this is no tropical house remix. This is a house remix. A glamourous remix. Something the best clubs would love to get their hands on. The good stuff. After entering the 80’s vibe and introducing us to the lead melody on a very natural way, Kygo puts in one of the most famous chorus in history. Then, a small Kygo buil-up. The classical tamborine and that bassline. My god. That bassline. The sexiest bassline I’ve heard in months. It then joins all the strenght Summer put in in the track and explodes as a dancefloor anthem.

Once again, Kygo nails this remix. If you like house music, this is the remix for you. Quintessential house shows up, and it does not disappoint. Disco, the genre who fathered EDM, is alive and doing well. It may not be what it used to, but it’s pretty damn good if you ask me. Hope to see more of that disco house Kygo vibe in the future!

Stream Kygo & Donna Summer – ‘Hot Stuff’