The talented Techno- Progressive House producer i_o presents ‘In My Head‘. A powerful song that evokes our mental introspection during difficult times.

The coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the world caused an unprecedented situation. Millions of people are in “compulsory isolation”, generating questions, and the urgent need to accommodate to this new circumstance. Artists are also struggling with this situation and one of them is the American DJ and producer i_o.

With this track, the hot topic techno hacker and 444 Label boss shows us how he feels about quarantine. ‘In My Head’ presents a perspective about the isolation, one that shows the problem is many people have been locking themselves in their homes. With this lockdown, they may also be facing uncertain economic, social, and mental issues.

‘In My Head’ follows the afterhours feeling of ‘Annihilation‘ and is certainly different from his last EP, Révolution. The track was presented for the first time during the virtual EDC 2020. i_o puts on the table a melodic sound that shows the fragile and soft human side. This latest single is a slow-burner with gradually amplified downbeats and bright synths.Am I okay ? Am I okay ? is the main question that i_o makes to himself through the song with the answer on melody. The vocals focus on the struggles that we’re currently facing due to the pandemic.

i_o In My Head

‘In My Head’ is an introspection about the uncertain times

‘In My Head’ is way more than just a pep talk on the covid pandemic. ‘In My Head’s theme is similar to Darío Sztajnszrajber’s “played introspection”, a dive into the annals of one’s existence.

I wrote this song before going on the EDC live stream. I’d been going to bed at dawn every day for months and without any future plans or anything on the calendar. I, like most people, began to wonder if this was it. was this what we were left with. It’s that feeling of realizing what’s in your head and what’s, in reality, don’t always line up and how low you’re willing to let things get before you are willing to acknowledge that maybe it’s your own expectation that’s causing this depression”.

i_o on his instagram account

Although it seems strange, this progressive house song effectively portrays how the concept of introspection is handled. In our everyday life, we should aim to understand ourselves and discover the meaning of our existence. However, due to the lockdown, it may be difficult to think in a positive way.

Much music at this moment is showing the positive side of this situation and how we can get out of it in a sweet and hopeful way. However, i_o’s track captures his feelings about the pandemic, how people think this may be the end, and how our anxiety makes us return to this over and over again.

Many fans can relate to this single, hoping that it will stand as a testament to harder times as they dance endlessly until dawn at a club or festival.

You can listen to this song below.