i_o Drops Exclusive Single ‘In My Head’ With Armada Music

i_o just released another single for the year, with Armada Music. It is a hyper-melodic, techno-progressive hybrid track that personifies the state of mental wellbeing. Titled ‘In My Head‘, this is exactly what you should listen to. Best part is that there’s 2 parts to this single!

The lyrics are striking and the synthetic sounds plus techno rhythm are electric. With a different sound than his usual deep, techno sound, we see a lighter, more propelling song. This is definitely something we want to hear him play live so that we can dance to it profusely on the dance floor. Throughout the whole song, it focuses on the airy, graceful notes of life. Then you contemplate the aggression and tension of depression. The soundscape is still melodic and progressive, with arpeggios of synths. But the way you feel with the music is so invigorating.

“In My Head reflects on depression and the lengths you go to to quell the warped anxiety and polar ups and downs. I wrote this after I’d been up every night until 8 AM for what felt like months. It’d been a while since I’d played a show, and I didn’t realize what kind of high I had been riding until touring stopped abruptly in March 2020. I really wanted to write something uplifting, but the chords got more and more melancholy and the progression got more and more tense. Finally, I was left with a topline that repeated over and over, an ironic rapture that was contrary to the heavyheartness I was going through.” -Garrett Lockhart

Frankly, these words could not be more admirable. We know the struggles in mental health that artists go through during their careers. His tenacity for real-life circumstances and passion for music showcase how great of a producer and artist he is. The emotion and power that a song or sound strikes in us are very special. I know that I let the music flow through me to convey my emotions.

Take a listen to his latest single below and enjoy! Stay safe, happy, and well everyone!

i_O – In My Head | Buy/Stream