Flux Pavilion Shares ‘You & I’ Featuring Kata Kozma

Flux Pavilion continues his path down the melodic trajectory by releasing ‘You & I‘ featuring Kata Kozma. This alongside the previously released ‘Sink Your Teeth In‘ with Drowsy are released via Circus Records. As aforementioned, the artist builds upon his sonic palette while aiming for a more melodic tone. Known for his typically heavy sound, this entry only acts to reassure his talents in this realm, and it has us excited for what’s to come moving forward.

‘You & I’ plays on the storytelling of Kata Kozma’s vocals while the instrumental sustaining beautiful melodic accents. From the pulling stabs, to the sharp synths and guitar tones, Flux inserts his knack for the analogue. Moreover, he made a point to endeavour into the analogue realm on his forthcoming album. As seen on social media, the artist is making their own effect pedals and guitars. His more tactile approach towards being creative is very clearly paying off significantly. Nonetheless, to revert back to the music itself, the chorus is built from giant synths alongside ardent percussion. Furthermore, the track speeds up its pacing as it gears for another chorus in which the vocals softly embellish the big melodic production.

Listen to Flux Pavilion expand on his forthcoming album’s universe on ‘You & I’ featuring Kata Kozma via Circus Records below!