Lustrous. Buttery. Captivating. The music of global electronic dance music DJ and producer, Bruno Martini, spans a wide range of styles and his latest effort is the first single from his forthcoming album. Bruno Martini, Iza & Timbaland’s “Bend The Knee” (Universal Music) is out now (August 21st, 2020 worldwide release date).

Incredibly smooth and embraced by lovers of electronic dance music (EDM), R&B and pop, Bruno Martini’s “Bend The Knee” with Iza and Timbaland is the lead single off Martini’s forthcoming full-length studio album, Original (Universal Music). The sound of now, “Bend The Knee” is positively primed for FM radio, a pop hit in-the-making, an exquisite song capturing that summer-into-autumn vibe. The song’s expertly crafted studio production yields a result that’s hypnotic, alluring and intoxicating. “Bend The Knee” is an addictive mid-tempo song that’s creamy and silky smooth, a must-have for the latest playlists.

Interview Questions

EDMTunes: We’re digging your new single, “Bend The Knee” with Iza and Timbaland! How did this song come to be? Who did what on this song (i.e. who wrote the melody, who wrote the lyrics, who did the production, etc.)?

Bruno Martini: I started this project when I met Timbaland in Los Angeles. We recorded in a studio called West Lake Studios and it was a huge experience in learning and creating music with this icon. Being able to work with him is a huge blessing. I wrote this song with Mayra, my writing partner in Brazil and she actually cut the vocals on the first version we did. Timbaland and I were in the studio having a lot of fun doing this one, we actually worked with one more producer called Angel Lopez, it was us three at West Lake Studios. We had so much fun that when I came back to my country [Brazil], I knew it was a special song. I wanted to have a power voice and also a voice that means a lot for Brazil. First artist that came to my mind it was Iza. Also because the lyrics of “Bend The Knee” talk about women’s empowerment in an easy way. It had to be her on the record! I showed her the project, she fell in love and cut the vocals for “Bend The Knee” and another song that is coming out soon. 

EDMTunes: You have an immense amount of streams on this song – over 1.3M of the music video for this song – in just a few short days of its release! That’s impressive. To what do you owe the instant popularity of this song?

Bruno Martini: Thank you! Everything I do I put my heart on it… this song is special to me. Is hard to stay honest to yourself. I think that’s the main secret, stay honest to yourself, know who you are, and then you’re “original.”

EDMTunes: What’s the music and clubbing scene like in your native country of Brazil? How do the fans in Brazil contrast or compare with the music fans in the U.S., from your experience? 

Bruno Martini: In Brazil, music is deeply rooted in our culture and there many different styles of music and different types of clubs. There is this one specific electronic genre that people really like here which is called Brazilian Bass. Nowadays because of all the streaming platforms the whole world is accessible so we can listen to all the top charts around the world, but in the U.S. I think the electronic scene meets a bit with the hip hop culture, so there’s more trap in it. 

EDMTunes: Do you like performing live in the U.S.? You’ve played a lot of live shows in the U.S. before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. What were some of the most memorable U.S. shows you played? What made them stand-out in your memory so much?

Bruno Martini: Yes I love to perform in the U.S.! I really miss having contact with my fans and I hope I can return soon. It’s difficult to name a few highlights because the U.S. audience is such a nice crowd to play for, but the shows I did at Electric Zoo NY and EDC Las Vegas were an amazing experience.

EDMTunes: “Bend The Knee” is the lead single off your forthcoming full-length artist album, Original (Universal Music). Can you talk about the album a bit? Why did you choose “Bend The Knee” as the lead single?

Bruno Martini: I’ve been working on this for two years already. I recorded all over the world but most of the records were recorded in my studio in Sao Paulo. I also recorded some records in Holland and in L.A. with Timbaland. When Iza was in my studio to record “Bend The Knee,” it was quite clear to me that this should be the first single. Iza is one the biggest performers in Brazil and having Timbaland on the track seems like the right choice.

EDMTunes: Timbaland is obviously a huge name here in the U.S. and all around the world. Tell us the story behind your getting together with Timbaland? When and how did you “hit it off” and what’s the chemistry like working with Timbaland?

Bruno Martini: Timbaland is my idol, true thing. I’ve been listening to music my whole life. Actually, he’s responsible for me falling in love with music. It was one of my dreams working with him. I received a message from his team saying they liked my stuff, so next thing I know, I am on a plane heading to L.A.! We stayed in the studio for almost the whole week! We made so many great songs together. 

EDMTunes: What are you doing to keep your career fresh and alive during this global health pandemic? How do you see your role as an artist/musician/performer in light of the current climate?

Bruno Martini:  I stay positive and try to focus my mind on the positive things. I’m lucky to have my own studio really close to my house, so I was able to keep creating and making music. It was a really important moment to look into myself and re-think about life in general. I also got closer to my family, even with the distance. I think music has huge power in times like these. 

EDMTunes: Are you trying to make a political statement by saying “Bend The Knee,” as in a Black Lives Matter type of social awareness statement? 

Bruno Martini: To be honest, “Bend The Knee” was never meant to be a political statement. It does speak about empowering women, though.

EDMTunes: From all your videos and social media clips, it seems that you have a very open, warm and welcoming vibe. How are you able to keep such a positive attitude in a time of so much uncertainty? 

Bruno Martini: I always try to stay positive no matter what the situation is. But I do realize that these times are not the best for a lot of people. We just need to hope and pray that brighter days are around the corner. I know a lot of people, like myself, use these times to get even more creative but also stay healthy. I noticed doing a lot of exercise helps me to stay clear in my head.

EDMTunes: What’s next for Bruno Martini? What’s the most important thing you want readers to remember about you?

Bruno Martini: I really hope I can share my music and perform live shows with all my fans really soon. For now, my focus is on the release of my upcoming album, Original (Universal Music), which will be on October 2nd, and I hope your readers stay healthy and happy. I hope they will remember my music and that when they play it, it will bring a little sunshine into their lives.

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