EDC Mexico 2021 Postponed According to Media

According to the latest rumor circulating around, the 8th edition of EDC Mexico might have been postponed. The festival which normally takes place during the last weekend of February might be postponed due to the current pandemic’s situation.

According to EMPO Electronic Meeting Point, one of the biggest, if not the biggest media outlet in Mexico, the 2021 edition will not take place in February. It will, however, take place during that same year.

Translation: SEE YOU IN 2021! EDC Mexico will not take place in February but IT WILL have an edition next year. More information to come.
Translation: We won’t have #EDCMexico in February…it will however take place in 2021, there’s nothing to do but wait for the date.

Other media outlets confirmed the story, breaking the heart of thousands of Mexican ravers. EDC Mexico, considered the second biggest EDC in the world, just expanded to a 3-day edition this same year. With around 300,000 attendees, it is the biggest festival in the country. It was also ranked inside the top ten EDM festivals in the world by 1001tracklist.com.

EDC Mexico Facing Trouble?

Early on in the month, speculation began. Would EDC Mexico be the first festival to premiere the new mainstage that each and every EDC edition would use? The idea was just crazy enough. EDC Mexico’s meteoric rise posed it as a candidate. Now, it seems to have been postponed, so we know it will not go down like that.

With this, the dance music industry in Mexico, along with the live events takes a big hit. As the pandemic continues to pose a major threat, the festival gets postponed, and hundreds of events must now replan their whole schedules. The first industry to stop its operations, and the last to resume them. Certainly being a huge problem, we don’t know how much longer the industry can hold on.

As of yet, Insomniac has not made any official comments. Lastly, remember to stay safe and take all the necessary precautions.

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