Over the weekend, Dezza released his track featuring EMME, ‘Getaway‘ via Colorize under Enhanced Music. It’s a mellow and laden track that leaves a comforting sensation, highlighted through the vocals and instrumental melding. It’s also a showcase of the producer’s diverse palette which sees him consistently taking multiple genres to heart. Moreover, that approach caused his recent releases via Colorize to be distinct, always shifting focus while keeping a cohesive heart.

Firstly, ‘Getaway’ kicks off with a pad alongside nature sounds which smoothly transition into the piano and vocal. From that point on, it takes a comforting tone with the light percussion as EMME’s delivery is aptly focused on. It’s quite reminiscent of many classic tracks within the combinations of house and trance. Nonetheless, that’s only in the heart of it while retaining a solid body that stands out on its own. Overall, the direction Dezza took on ‘Getaway’ is a more than welcome one that offers some warmth.

Lastly, listen to Dezza’s ‘Getaway’ featuring EMME via Colorize under Enhanced Music below.