It’s almost impossible to talk about Burning Man without talking about the impressive art installations. Year over year, its sculptures make the headlines. From Baba Yaga’s House from 2018 to last year’s Archaeopteryx, each sculpture is a masterpiece. Now, it’s possible to revisit some of these in a new art complex.

A new arts and entertainment complex in Las Vegas – Area15 – will be home to select pieces of artwork from previous editions of Burning Man. Additionally, it will also be possible to find festival boutiques there, alongside an installation from Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf in 2021.

The founder of the complex, Michael Beneville, a 10-year Burning Man veteran himself, was inspired by a desire to showcase the innovative communal spirit of the festival.

Burning Man is its own very special thing. It’s 68,000 of the most creative people on the planet coming together to build something that’s just extraordinary. I’m humble enough to know that we would never try to recreate Burning Man.

Michael Beneville

Fancy a piece of art? Well, some will even be available for sale. “Real-estate developers, municipalities, and other people who are interested in purchasing this kind of work can come and actually see the piece in some kind of context,” Beneville said. “In a photograph, you can’t get a sense of how spectacular this work is.”

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The 2020 edition of Burning Man had been postponed due to coronavirus concerns. Organisers have since then launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist with future funds. Find out more about it here.