Audio Enabled Sneakers Let You Feel Music

The EP 01 Audio-Enabled trainers have a patented technology that allows you to feel the music in your feet- midsoles.

Wearable technology is a growing market with devices like smartwatches or FitBits. However, footwear is the last thing we think about as a smart-enabled device. Now a new company designed shoes to recreate live music energy in our feet and provide a unique listening experience.

LA-Based DropLabs, who have developed the first sonic- sensory footwear, released the new trainer EP 01 in 2019. These trainers deliver audio from a Bluetooth connected device, creating full-body bass audio to simulate your favorite festival. You also can use them for movies, VR, and games.

While consumers initially enjoyed the technology during commutes and air travel, a new group of customers feels attracted by the EP 01. These shoes offer an option to create the live music experiences that are not currently available during the pandemic.

 EP 01 Audio-Enabled trainers

EP 01 Audio-Enabled Trainers Characteristics

The latest edition of these EP 01 trainers is titled as the Triple Black Edition. These sneakers have six hours of battery life, are water-resistant, and come with a one year warranty.

“The embedded software platform allows us to continue to refine the experience and provide more unique customization at the individual level. We’ve developed a proprietary technology that we have integrated into the midsole of the sneaker that converts audio signals into vibrations. When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronized with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment. Although initially envisioned to recreate the energy of live music, adding this immersion layer to gaming, movies and VR is next level.

Susan Paley, Droplabs CEO

The users can apply filters for a particular listening experience. For example, some filters can amplify the lowest bass notes, showcase low-mids and symphonic sounds, making it well-suited for jazz or classical music. A sliding intensity scale also allows users to adjust how strong the vibrations are, without impacting the audio volume.

To do this, the company brought together experts from several industries to create the new signature EP 01 sneakers.

“You don’t have to worry about different sizes. You don’t have to worry about someone standing, putting their weight on the speaker. There were so many things that we had to understand because what we’re trying to do is move all the energy up into the body.”

Susan Paley, Droplabs CEO

The trainers offer us the unique opportunity to exercise and feel the live event dancefloor that we all miss at the same time. However, hardcore and speedcore fans should take caution as the high BPMs can be a lot to handle for the feet.