ARTBAT ft. Sailor & I – Best Of Me

Ukrainian DJ duo ARTBAT team up with Swedish vocalist Sailor & I for a collaborative single. Titled ‘Best Of Me’, this is a special one as it is being released on a new imprint, METAPHYSICAL.

Right from the start, its epic percussion echoes in the background. Secondly, once the singing starts, listen to the lyrics. Thirdly, while powerful and emotional, the progressive underground sound kicks in. It’s melodic, it’s techno, and it’s a truly meaningful record to both artists.

With two rounds of progressive buildups and drops, each one gets bigger and better. Put this song on while chilling or driving at night because you’ll feel like a dark knight. Watching traffic flow by or city lights brighten the night sky, let all the night riders come alive with this one.

Alexander Sjödin is the singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist of Sailor & I. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, he is known for his unique voice and caliber of instrumentation. Perfectly chosen to pair with the deep, dark soundscapes of ARTBAT, this is the perfect match-up. His pop-indie-electronic music stylings really bring this piece to life.

This single marks the second one for the duo for 2020. It follows their last collaboration ‘For A Feeling’ featuring Camelphat and Rhodes. Known for their impeccable quality of production, this song is a great addition to their repertoire. With emotional lyrics like this for such a turbulent year, this empowers us while listening.

ARTBAT at Osocor Residence

Both artists showcase their powerful and inventive sounds here. Flow to this on intimate dance floors and huge arenas with lasers and flashing strobes. Vibe to its retro ambiance now.

The METAPHYSICAL album is coming in December and you can pre-save it with this link. Check out the lyric video here or listen to the single below.

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