Armin van Buuren & AVIRA- The Mask

Armin van Buuren and AVIRA close their progressive journey with ‘Mask‘ alongside Sam Martin’s vocals. A perfect track to open a big festival performance, also a great EP.

Currently, we live in times where most of the things that we used to take granted have turned out to be an enormous luxury, more than we could imagine. Being unable to attend music festivals, instead, we have many live streaming events.

Some of them have completely turned the industry around, such as the case of Tomorrowland Around The World. In this festival, Armin van Buuren started his set with a then-unknown track that made this an epic moment.

Firstly the raucous opera-inspired sound completely dominated the virtual mainstage. Secondly, Sam Martin’s vocals immersed us in a completely different and better world than the one we are living in this year. Now we can say that this magical piece is called ‘The Mask‘ and complete the three-part EP with AVIRA.

Armin van Buuren & AVIRA EP Track Tittle: ‘The Mask ‘

Armin van Buuren AVIRA The Mask

The Dutch Trance legend is constantly experimenting with many songs throughout this year. From the Hardstyle till the progressive house. Featuring many compilations and now this EP with the other two songs already revealed, these are ‘Hollow‘ and ‘Illusion‘.

Since this play, this AVIRA and Armin van Buuren’s collaboration has gained widespread support for many trance and progressive fans. Even more when Tomorrowland used this one for the opening track on its aftermovie. This hype guaranteed that this particular track is well worth of attention.

‘The Mask’ shows the distinct deep progressive vibe that the two artists were working on during the realization of this musical journey. Although unlike Illusion, this track further enhances its progressive influence with Martin’s voice.

Sam Martin has always given amazing songs alongside Armin van Buuren, first with ‘WiId Wild Son‘, then with ‘Miles Away‘, and now with this collaboration.

Make sure to check out the stellar collaboration between AVIRA and Armin van Buuren below and keep an eye on their future productions.