Afrojack Marries Elettra Lamborghini

Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini are officially husband and wife. Last Christmas, shortly after celebrating their anniversary in September, the Dutch DJ and producer proposed to Elettra. Last weekend, the official ceremony took place in Italy.

The pair of celebrities decided to spend this very special day in a wonderful location. The bride and groom celebrated the day in the beautiful Lago di Como in Italy. And yes, Elettra is the granddaughter of Lamborghini founder. Besides, she is the heiress of the Italian luxury sports car company. This is well suited for Afrojack, who is well known as a sportscar aficionado.

The couple had been dating for two years before getting hitched.

Despite the worldwide pandemic, 2020 has been a great year for the couple. Afrojack recently released ‘Hey Baby’ with Imanbek and it was a success. The Dutch DJ also released the huge hit ‘All Night’ earlier this year. On the other hand, Elettra is also a very talented singer and has numerous hits under her name. Besides, the Italian singer gathers very interesting collaborations like the one with Pitbull. What is clear is that this one is a very musical couple with a lot of talent.

About Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini Wedding Location

The wedding took place on a very classy location. The ceremony was held at Lake Como, more precisely in the luxurious Villa Balbiano. Moreover, the celebration followed a specific theme: The American. According to the attendees, the wedding was spectacular. Notably, David Guetta was in attendance. The Frenchman shared a story on Instagram with top of the line fireworks clip.

The team wishes the best for the newly-weds!