Ultra Music Festival and iHeartRaves Donate 12,000 Surgical Masks

Ultra Music Festival recently teamed up with fashion brand iHeartRaves to assist the Miami community in these difficult times. Together, they donated 12,000 surgical masks to local high-risk and marginalized residents.

While Ultra was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are still remaining active and taking initiative by donating to those in need. In June, they worked with Miami city officials in carrying out door-to-door mask deliveries to senior living facilities.

Additionally, in July, Ultra distributed care packages. 4,000 care packages were distributed over two events in the Liberty City area.

The CDC officially announced that older people are higher risk of getting COVID-19. Subsequently, Ultra Music Festival and iHeartRaves chose to focus on this demographic. iHeartRaves CEO Brian Lim explains their partnership with Ultra in a brief statement;

we wanted to make sure that we were still able to give back to the community. We chose to partner with Ultra on this initiative for the same reasons we partner with them during the festival season. We wanted to enhance the positive impact we could have on the EDM community by joining forces with other leaders in the space.”

Ultra Music Festival and iHeartRaves team up together to help the Miami community.

The COVID-19 pandemic leaves many communities deeply affected and isolated. The world is currently socially distancing and trying to find a solution to the pandemic, but these are still challenging times for those who are high risk. It’s good to see big names like Ultra and iHeartRaves do their part by helping out those in need.