TRIPLESICKZ & N377 – ‘Nightmare Sonata’

TRIPLESICKZ and N377 took to releasing their bass-heavy collaboration, ‘Nightmare Sonata‘. As the build goes, the producers set out to create a dark and eerie atmosphere around the track. With that in mind, they do succeed in developing a setting and mood which befits the overall sound.

‘Nightmare Sonata’ kicks off by developing its eerie and dark atmosphere through its choir background and enveloping pads. In tandem, the surfacing synth notes only further push the cryptic and sneaking mood. From that point, the track shows its full color once it converges with the kick. The bass-line controls the rhythm, maintaining a gritty and textural tone. In retrospect, it pulls away a lot of influence from metal music, at least in heart, when taking its ambiance into consideration.

Listen to TRIPLESICKZ and N377’s collaboration, ‘Nightmare Sonata’ for yourself below.