The Acoma Street Project Presents A New Live Stream Event

CoClubs in Denver, Colorado is launching their first socially-distant live stream music and art walk experience. The Acoma Street Project is hosting it and launches August 27th-29th with headliners BLOND:ISH, Dubfire, and Random Rab.

Firstly, Microdose VR powered by Android Jones is here for sick digital visuals. Stepping up their music scene, CoClubs joins forces with option4 for this unique experience. Secondly, the open-air event will host live-streamed performances from DJs around the world. Thirdly, the immersive art walk and unique dining experience is also something to behold.

The Acoma Street Project is trying to solve the pandemic-age concert issue. As it is currently condemning the industry, this organization hopes to combat that. Enjoy music broadcasted off a 26ft 4K LED wall for a small, isolated group of fans. Under strict health and safety guidelines, attendees can enjoy festival grade audio and visual production back outdoors.

Moreover, IRL Art presents a 5000 square foot art walk gallery. Neon artist, Scott Young, is coming to thought provoke and mesmerize all with his installation. Glass artist Alex Ubatuba is crafting bioluminescent sculptures of animals and extraterrestrial nature, part of his Living Light Sculptures exhibit.

Here Are The Safety Guidelines
  • All participants must wear face masks
  • 4 person parties escorted to their reserved/isolated platform to order food and drinks
  • Enjoy a VIP hospitality environment
  • Attendees escorted through the art-walk in separate and staggered groups
  • Contactless payment methods implemented
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue

We know it’s still not the live experience you used to know. But it’s better than an empty party. It also brings awareness to the industry.  They’re creating a path forward for the live music and immersive art industries. Join Denver’s community in reconnecting and gathering around the pillars of creativity and wonder.

Purchase tickets here for the limited six-week pop-up experience. Who’s interested?!