Ten Walls – Light For The Dreams

Lithuanian producer Ten Walls is finally giving us new music for 2020. Here is his fresh, all-inclusive techno album titled Light For The Dreams. Get ready for a most eclectic mix of nine tracks on his second studio album.

Neighborhood‘ starts the compilation off with a combination of ambient city sounds and jazz elements. Saxophone blares the melody while eerie synths tickle the background. There is a brooding bass that echoes intermittently. ‘Teacher‘ follows with a sci-fi atmosphere, as bassoon-sounding chirps enter. The techno bassline begins here and gives us a taste of what’s to come next. ‘Daily Rehearsal‘ boasts groovy arpeggios and a tech-house bassline. Its unique percussive elements radiate energy throughout. ‘Dreams‘ carries the same percussive elements as the last track and create a dreamy soundscape. This could be the soundtrack to your nighttime visions.

Dungeons‘ is deeper and darker, emanating the underground sounds of techno. With little water droplets resounding in the background ever so lightly, this is am ambient track best played at night. Its melody uplifts gently and reminds us of his hit single ‘Walking With Elephants‘. ‘Loot‘ gives you a short respite from the sinister sounds previously played. It’s the shortest track on the album. ‘Halo‘ gives you the most irresistible, low-grinding techno rhythms and late-night rooftop vibes. May you be overlooking the ocean or dancing in the wind to this one. Listen on, because it gets better.

Jorge‘ paints a colorful atmosphere when you listen to it. It is bouncy in rhythm, and continues on into ‘SSV Normandy‘. Around minute three, elements of the song begin to change, adding different, catchier percussions. Wind sounds blow through the ending and carry the sound off.

About The Artist

Marijus Adomaitis‘s new productions always draw from numerous unconventional influences. This album proves he is meticulous, sophisticated, and technical when it comes to his work. Nothing sounds like this that we’ve seen. The 37-year-old marvellously crafts tracks overflowing with different textures and themes.

Gamers and music fans unite within the sounds of this album. Check it out below!

Ten Walls – Lights For The Dreams