MK Sues Management Company for 3.5 Million Dollars

Mark Kinchen, aka, MK, feels he got blindsided by his manager into a deal that he is not happy with. MK claims that his manager, Mark Davenport, conned him into quickly signing a very “one-sided” deal at the airport, after hours of drinking and partying the night before. Davenport allegedly told MK to sign “right away” without the presence of a lawyer. Because of this, Mark Kitchen is suing his management company for $3.5 million.

Why is this deal so bad? Well, MK is now locked into Mark Davenport’s company, MDM Artists, for a decade. If this is the case, the lawsuit states that this goes against California law, which states contacts must be limited to 7 years. The lawsuit also states the MDM Artists would be entitled to MK’s earnings, even after the contract ends.

“Even by the sometimes rough and tumble standards in the industry, MDM’s conduct was egregious and violative of industry norms — and it is ongoing,” said Matt Rosengart, MK’s attorney. 

On top of suing for 3.5 million, Kitchen is insisting that the contract should be voided.