[Listen] Spencer Brown Extended Sunset Set Fundraiser

Anjunabeats talent Spencer Brown delivered a 5 hour Extended Sunset Set on a San Francisco Rooftop (Via Hotel) as a fundraiser for a fan who recently passed away from cancer.

Spencer first met Greg Cohen at his Washington DC show earlier this year. This ended up being the last show Greg was able to attend before he passed away from cancer. In honor of Greg, Spencer decided to hold a fundraiser for him by playing an extended 5 hour set atop a SF rooftop. Anyone who didn’t get a chance to donate yet can send funds to the Sarcoma Foundation charity and Greg’s family.

“From the instant I met Greg, I knew he possessed a beautiful warmth and extremely positive aura. He was a longtime SB fan, and he told me that I’d played his last show before his leg was amputated. (…) Sadly that show ended up being the last one of his life. Greg passed away on July 16th. I only met him once but I’m so glad that I did”

Spencer Brown about Greg Cogen in his Twitter account
Spencer Brown Extended Sunset Set

Something special about this set is the fact that most of the songs are unreleased ones (IDs) from Spencer himself or another artist. From start to finish, Spencer Brown captivates everyone with his progressive sounds.

The American DJ and producer is a master in progressive and deep house. He continues to show why he’s one of the leading pioneers of the genre.

This year, Spencer Brown has been very active in many possible ways. Firstly with the release of his beautiful album called Stream Of Consciousness and recently publicly came out about his sexuality. He’s truly a man with a big heart who tirelessly puts out music for his fans.

You can watch the full set here and listen to it below .